Northeast Snowkiting
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Tuckerman Ridge

Places to Snowkite in MA:
Quaboag Pond, West of Worcester, MA
Lake Quannapowitt
Woodsom Farm
Lake Attitash
Indian Lake
Millenium Park
Lake Snipatuit, Lakeville, MA
Places to Snowkite in NH:
Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Lake Ossipee, Ossipee, NH
Lake Sunapee, Sunapee, NH
Tuckerman Ravine?


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Places to Snowkite:
Ellacoya State Park, Lake Winnipesaukee


Gilford, NH

Best Wind Directions:

Driving:  Take 93 N to Rt 3. Laconia and onto Rt 11.

Notes:  Ellacoya is the undisputed best spot.  It is worth the drive because of the smooth air and endless open space.  It takes longer to freeze over than other spots, but it tends to hold snow while places further south turn to puddles and slush.  Lighter winds are still kiteable here because the winds are smooth.
Quaboag Pond

quabog pond

Brookfield, MA

Best Wind Directions:

Driving:  Take Mass Pike Rt. 90 West.  Take Exit 9 onto Rt. 20 East. Follow to Rt. 49 North.  Follow to Rt. 9 West.  Go approx. 4 miles, look for "Clam Box" restaurant on left.  Take left onto Quaboag Street. Go 1 mile and the ramp will be on the right.

Notes:  One of the better spots for the typical NW winds in the winter.  Good ice.   Avoid areas near the river inlets in the early season.  Closer than Ellacoya, and there are times when the wind is blowing at Quaboag when NH is dead.

Lake Quannapowitt

Lake Quannapowitt
Town: Wakefield, MA

Best Wind Directions:

Driving:  Take Rt. 128 North of Boston to Wakefield exit for Rt. 129. 

Notes: Convenient easy access off major highway.  Closest to Metro Boston.  Same exit as REI.  See Zeroprestige for previous exploits.  Seems to have later ice formation than other spots.  Good for a quick session close to town.

Indian Lake

Indian Lake

Town: Worcester, MA

Wind Directions:  NW, SW, NE

Driving: Right by the intersection of 290 and 190 in Worcester. Park at the YMCA on the North side of the lake.

Notes:   Freezes over very early.  It is surrounded by hills and trees so it is gusty.  Worcester is one of the windier places. It always seems to be blowing up in the vicinity of Indian lake.

Lake Ossipee

Lake Ossipee
Town: Ossipee, NH

Wind Directions:



Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee
Town: Sunapee, NH

Wind Directions:


Woodsom Farm

Woodsom Farm
Town: Amesbury, MA

Wind Directions: NW,SW

Driving: Take Amesbury Rte 150 exit off 495N.  Take right off exit ramp onto Rte. 150.  Go through the intersection of Rte. 150 and 110.  At blinking yellow light, take a left onto Highland Street.  At T-intersection, take a left onto Lions Mouth Road.  Continue on Lions Mouth Road for 1 mile and the site will be on your right.  Turn off the road at the Lion statue and park in the back.  Walk west to the open area.  Kiting on the hilly side south of the road is also possible if there are no sledders.

Notes:  Only hilly terrain area that I know of.
Millenium Park

Millenium Park

Town: West Roxbury, MA

Wind Directions:  A man made hill, so it is good for many directions.

Driving:  Off Rt. 95 in West Roxbury, MA.  Take Exit 16A off 95 onto Rt. 109 East.  Turn left at lights onto VFW Parkway North.  Go a short distance and you will see a left turn into Millenium Park.  Look for the green sign.

Notes:  Small area, but good for an early winter session before the lakes are frozen.  I wouldn't be too comfortable with larger kites here.  There are some trees and fences and light poles to watch for.  The trees will only get bigger as they were recently planted.

Lake Attitash

Lake Attitash
Town: Amesbury, MA

Wind Directions:

Driving:  Off Rt. 495 in Amesbury, MA.

Lake Snipatuit

Lake Snipatuit
Town: Rochester, MA

Wind Directions:

Driving:  RT.495.Take Exit 3 onto RT.28 South. Go 1.5 miles.  Where RT.28 bears left go straight onto Spruce Street. Go 3.6 miles and turn left onto Neck Road. Go 3/4 miles and there is a small dirt lot on the right.

Notes:   Went there once in N winds and it was gusty.  I would suggest S. Watuppa lake instead.  There is more rain than snow down near the shore so this place tends to be ice when other places are snow.  The SE part of the state gets winds when the rest of the state is dead, so that is another reason to consider this place.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why should I snowkite?
It will leave you smiling for weeks/years/a lifetime after a good session.  Once you have a kite the wind is free.  There are no crowds, no traffic, no lift-lines, endless powder, and the sensation of lifting off and gliding under your own power...  Actually, on second thought, I'll save that for you to discover.

What is the snowkite season in the Northeast US?

Since there are not many large open fields in our area, the snowkite season is set by the ice conditions.  We are very lucky to have so many great snowkiting lakes here.  These lakes are really an untapped wintertime playground.  Only a few fishermen and sled drivers have figured this out.  January through March make up three months of prime snowkiting here in New England.   The best conditions tend to be late February to early March up at Lake Winnipesaukee.  If you are visiting the area, that is the best bet.

What makes a good site for snowkiting?
The bigger the better.  Look for a place with smooth winds with no trees or other turbulence inducing obstructions.  Smaller sites can be good, but you will have less fun in turbulent air.  Kites will fall out of the air and get tangled and you will be a grumpy kiter.  A nice solid snow base over solid ice is ideal.  Ice can be fun with a small kite and sharp edges.

What equipment is best?
 Skis work better on icy or windblown mixed ice/snow surface.  Snowboards are better in powder.  Both are great on packed powder.  Use what you are familiar with.  It all works.  I kited a whole winter season with a Slingshot Wasp 3m ram-air foil kite for high winds, and a Ozone Frenzy 10m ram-air foil kite for regular winds.  A 3m foil kite will cost $200-$300 new.  The 10m Frenzy was $1000 new.  My Dakine Tabu harness cost $100 new.

Is snowkiting similar to kite-surfing?
The skills from snowkiting directly transfer to kite-surfing.  Learning on snow is easier than on water.  Winters are windier here than summers.  You can snow-kite if you can feel a breeze, unlike kite-surfing where you need huge kites and enough power to water-start and plane.

Is it safe?
  Yes.  Is it completely safe?  No.  Have people died snowkiting?  Yes.  Have people died downhill skiing?  Yes.  It is all about the decisions you make.  Live to kite another day.  Don't let the excitement cloud your judgement.  If you look back on something you did and consider it stupid, rework your routine so that you don't do it again.  General tips:  Look out for each other.  Don't kite alone.  Wear a helmet and padding appropriate for the conditions.  Wait for the snowmobilers to test the ice before you head out.  Always carry ice-picks for clawing your way out of a hole in the ice.  Do not jump over ice.  Do not jump higher than you are willing to fall.  Gusts and squalls are extremely dangerous.   Don't go out if there are storms in the area or gusty conditions are predicted.

How do I learn how to snowkite?
Learn to fly two-line stunt kites.  Buy a 3m ram-air foil and learn to fly that.  Take a lesson to get experience with handling larger kites.

Northeast Snowkiting: Contact kansky "at"


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