Cell Phone Involved in Roll-over Accident (AP):

In a case of something that didn't have to happen, Saturday a Concord resident discovered the limits of cell phone technology. After placing a quick call on his way home to check messages on his home answering machine the local resident drove to Dino's Pizza shop for two slices. All along the cell phone was assumed to be safely tucked away in the pocket of his Columbia fleece jacket, meanwhile the phone lay helplessly on the side of the road outside Dino's Pizza. Fifteen minutes after the incident, later traced to poor pocket design of the fleece jacket, the man realized his phone was missing. Earlier incidents involving the same jacket with wallets led the man to realize that his phone was either somewhere under the seat of his car, at the pizza shop, or possibly on the road outside the shop. Always the eternal optimist, the man assumed the phone was under the seat and he drove on, saving the search for better lighting. After stopping at the local CompUSA, searching with the aid of the glaring mercury vapor lights, the man realized that the phone was not in the car. Upon driving back to Dino's the man was disheartened to see the crushed shape of a Nokia 8265 next to the wheel of a Saab. Remarkably one side of the phone was totally unscathed, nevertheless the back side was crushed and ground down to the metal frame. Despite the trauma to the phone it still functioned although reception was two bars weaker. A replacement phone was purchased two days later.